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Travel Rewards Credit Cards - Airline Miles, Hotels, etc

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    Anyone here use credit cards specifically to earn airline miles to travel with? Or just any travel rewards credit cards, maybe for hotels or even car rentals? I have a small handful of regular credit cards that still earn points and cash back, but thought it might be smart to also get a travel rewards card and start earning points toward my next flight outta here, whenever that will be.

    I know some of these cards you have to pay for annually, so that's why I haven't got one yet. Plus you have to worry about flight restrictions, black outs and transferring points between programs... are they worth it or just a gimmick?

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    I haven't, but my dad does it. He travels a lot for work. He has a pretty cool system built up. It's kind of like a snowball of points. He gets frequent flyer miles as he travels, along with the points built up on his card as he uses it. That can definitely be a cool way of building up free flights.
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    I know someone who does this specifically. He's got an entire system worked out. He planned it so well that he now has plenty of free flights saved up and can stay at numerous hotels for many days all completely free. I'm not sure if it's just a given with these rewards programs, but it seems like if you plan it well and travel enough it's a great idea to seek these rewards out specifically when choosing which cards to use.