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Ditch the Name Brand and Embrace Discount Clothes

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    For the better part of fifteen years I insisted on purchasing designer clothes made by well-known brands. I didn't necessarily have a favorite brand, so long as whatever I was wearing was purchased for full-price at a brick and mortar store. No discount or outlet stores for me. That all changed after a conversation I had with a good friend of mine.

    I was in the process of purchasing a new wardrobe after losing some weight and was complaining about how expensive it was going to be. My friend looked at me and asked why I cared so much about buying expensive clothes, especially since I work from home and get to dress casually every day of the week. It really got me thinking and I honestly didn't have a retort. That conversation helped ignite my conversion to the world of discount brands.

    When all was said and done I was able to purchase a full wardrobe for a fraction of the cost I would have spent had I kept my expensive clothing habits. The quality is just as good as anything I ever owned before, just without the all-important insignia or logo that used to mean so much to me.

    I fully understand that clothing is a deeply personal subject for many people, but if I was able to change my mindset about what qualifies as "good" clothing then anyone can. I haven't stepped foot in a big-box clothing store in other a year and don't intend to anytime soon. Why would I when I can now buy an entire outfit for the price of a polo?

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    I agree with you for most things, but one area where I don't think you can skimp is on formal attire. I don't have a ton of name brand shirts and pants, but I did invest a decent amount on the three suits I own. I'm sure I could have found something totally acceptable at a discount store, but there was just something special about the whole experience getting fitted for the perfect size suit by a tailor.
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    Totally agree when it comes to t-shirts and most button down semi-casual shirts. When it comes to blue jeans though, I'll have to disagree. When it comes to denim, you really get what you pay for. I used to work at American Eagle back in the day, a looong time ago. I never understood why people paid so much for the shirts. I got really familiar with the jeans though. They were on the cheaper side in price and in quality. They didn't seem to hold up as well, and their fit was something to be desired. I tend to look at a pair of jeans as an investment of sorts. If I take care of them, they'll last me over a decade. So, if I'm gonna wear the same few pairs of jeans every year for that long, I want them to hold up, also they need to be comfortable and fit right. I've found that some of the higher-end jeans just feel better, and hold up longer.