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What are you going to spend your stimulus money on?

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    Looks like a second check is all but being approved right now. Let's get a discussion going. If you received a check last time, what did you spend it on? And what are you going to spend the second one on? Honestly all but $200 of mine went to debt. I suppose it will be the same for the second go-round.
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    First one went to tax debt. Feel fortunate to say I still have a job through all this, so I don't have to worry about spending this 2nd one on rent, food or basic needs. So will likely save mine. Imagine rent will go up next year, so I am looking at this like a cost of living bonus from the govt. Will cover $100/month in COL increases for 2021 basically.

    Or I'll buy a new computer, if my 8 year old laptop workhorse decides to finally up and die on me in the near future.

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    Our first one went towards new kitchen appliances and our second one will almost certainly go towards the inevitable extra costs that come with remodeling a home. Or, since we will be moving out while our remodel is being done, we may use it towards our short-term rental.

    Luckily we both are still gainfully employed and have the luxury to choose how we're going to spend our checks instead of using it to pay for life's necessities.