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Work From Home -- Dream Desk Setups?

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    Now that a lot more people are working from home, figure there would be plenty to share here. What's your ideal work from home computer desk/workstation setup? You go with multiple monitors, one big wide monitor, ergo or mechanical keyboard, desktop or laptop, have a favorite mouse for productivity? Favorite office chair? Desk decor or cool accessories? Speaker setup? Anything goes really.

    And of course.. what desk? Homemade? Sit/Stand? All wood, or some metal? What material and color/finish?

    Share what you have going on, plus dream setups. There are a ton of those on YouTube and whatnot. Minimalist style is really cool I think. Here's one such example.

    I personally have 3 monitors and a sit/stand, but tinkering a lot lately with trying to get my setup a lot more 'dream'. Added mech keyboard and nicer mouse (Logitech MX Master 3) of late.

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    I've worked from home for a number of years now and have tried pretty much every scenario out, but the past two years I've "gotten back to basics" with a modern "L" shaped desk. My laptop is centered with a large screen flanking each side.

    My most recent investment was splurging on a quality office chair. I used to have leather, but recently switched to mesh and am really glad I did. It's far more supportive and comfortable.

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    The chair is a pretty interested aspect of a good desk. You'd think (like I did) that spending more on a chair would somehow equal a better ergonomic sitting stance for your back. But it turns out that the cheaper ergonomic chairs from somewhere like Walmart or Best Buy may actually be the way to go. I have a nicer chair that hurts my back much more than my cheaper chair ever did.