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What To Do When Expanded Unemployment Benefits Go Away

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    If you lost your job or got furloughed but were at least lucky enough get expanded unemployment benefits, you might be doing good enough to not feel the immediate need to go back to work.

    That's because the CARES Act added an additional $600/wk in unemployment benefits on top of state benefits. Putting many in an awkward position of actually getting more money from unemployment than they did from their job. And that understandably leads many to not be anxious to go back to work, especially given the risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

    Unfortunately many will be put in that spot soon. Expanded unemployment, the $600/wk extra, goes away July 31st.

    After that, you will only receive state benefits. So whatever you currently get above and beyond $600/wk will be all that you get from August onward. Meaning if you currently get $900/wk it will shrink to $300/wk after the end of July.

    What can you do once that happens? Found a few articles that might help:

    Extra Unemployment Benefits Will Run Out Soon. Here's What Might Happen Then.

    5 Reasons You Should Go Back To Work—Even If You Make More From Unemployment Benefits

    Are you currently getting expanded unemployment? What's your game plan for when the expanded part goes away? Or does anyone have some good advice for those in this situation?

    Hopefully Congress steps in in the last hour and expands the deadline or .. does something. We have 13 weeks straight of at least 1 million citizens filing for unemployment. This is not going away anytime soon.

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    Now may be the best time to reassess your career choice, or find a different way of applying your skills in a different sector. The government is going to have to do something because many still won't be able to return to work, regardless.
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    I really worry that a whole lot of people are going to be in trouble if these expanded benefits abruptly end, especially if they continue to be unemployed because their business has not reopened or because it folded.

    Here in Portland a ton of restaurants have permanently shut their doors and it's going to take months or years before we ever get back to "normal"... whatever that may eventually be. That means thousands of people who had decent paying jobs mere months ago are now staring at long-term unemployment in a market that is anything but stable. That's a terrifying thought.

    I understand the additional $600/week has made it so some people are making more not working than working, but doesn't that say more about the abysmal state of our minimum wage laws than anything else?