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The U.S. Is Behind Compared to Other Countries Stimulus Packages

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    So I've been seeing quite a bit of talk about how the U.S. is lacking significantly when it comes to the government's financial aid response. With unemployment numbers being as high as they are right now, the government's role in making sure all of it's citizens can eat and have a roof over their head should be the number one priority, as well as everyone's health of course. It's pretty obvious at this point that there has been quite a few hold ups getting even the basic unemployment benefits from state agencies. The call centers have been absolutely swarmed with calls and the online systems have been overwhelmed to the point of collapsing in some cases. And as of up until now there has only been one stimulus check delivered to the people, with the second check just now being approved days ago.

    This lead me to look into which country is handling the situation the best. From what I can tell, it looks like Germany is in the lead when it comes to taking care of it's citizens and businesses alike. Germany looks to have put together just over $2.2 trillion dollars to it's aid and stimulus packages, significantly more than the U.S., France, Italy, U.K or Spain.

    This brings me to my question. What exactly is the issue? Why is the U.S. government just now getting around to a second stimulus check? Why is the U.S. behind Germany? I'm not saying that every country has the same financial systems or should do the exact same thing for all situations, but if it works elsewhere it should work in the U.S., right?

    I guess I'm just hoping someone could explain this to me.

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    When did the US pass a second stimulus? I know they passed a proposal in the House. But it's still an ongoing debate right now, right?

    Also do you know exactly what was in Germany's relief package? I know the US has spent more than $2.2 trillion so far. So I don't think Germany has outspent us, unless you mean per capita?

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    It really does seem like our national government has been caught asleep at the wheel, at least when it comes to helping the average citizen. They've done a great job throwing money at industries, banks, and major institutions, but not surprisingly, that money hasn't trickled down very much.

    If you asked me a month ago I would have been willing to bet anyone that a second stimulus check would have already been sent out to Americans, but that hasn't happened and doesn't seem to be anytime soon. Republican Senate Leaders threw cold water on doing anything in June, with Roy Blunt, the No. 4 GOP leader in the Senate, saying he doesn't expect the Senate to act until the "[E]nd of July … is frankly my sense of when I think we’ll have all the information we need to put the next bill together. And it might be about the time when all of the money from the [previous] bills has been spent.”