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Ways of Making a Quick Buck Put Into Question

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    Since we've been discussing ways of making money on the side. I still think some other lesser known ways should be addressed and scrutinized. I'm always coming across these lists of "unknown ways to make quick money", and I must admit I've tried a couple of them. Was curious if anyone else has. The list is 40 points long, but I thought I'd pull at least 10 of them out to discuss. I believe they're legit, but do they really make enough money to justify the time spent on them? Let's find out.

    • Doing Online Surveys - I think this is one of the age-old odd jobs you can find on the internet. Simply put, you get paid to take online surveys.
    • Get Paid for searching the internet - rewards you for jumping on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and Ebay to use their search engines. It's an addon that you can equip to your browser.
    • Online market trading - Using online market trading platforms such as Plus500 to invest in the stock market.
    • Review websites and apps - pays folks to review websites and apps.
    • "Clickworking" - It's all about internet crowd sourcing on You can choose from a variety of tasks to do. Mostly data entry, web research and form filling.
    • Review Music - Slicethepie allows you to review unsigned bands and artists online for cash.
    • Sell class notes - You can can actually sell your class notes from college on sites like Nexus Notes and Stuvia.
    • Mystery Shopping - This one is pretty simple. You get paid by a company to "shop" a business. You're given a task like try on clothes or buy a drink. Then you come back and provide your feedback of your experience.
    • The Disney Vault - Apparently Disney restricts the supply of some of their home release classics. They're locked away for years and released at an unspecified time. You can buy these when they are released and sell them when they aren't for sale.
    • "Get Paid To" Sites - It's a little like being paid to take surveys, but you are rewarded in cash and vouchers for completing offers and activities online.

    I'm curious if anyone has tried any of these, and if they had any success with it at all.

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    I looked into doing online surveys a few years ago. Even signed up for a site or program and gave it a go for a few hours. I quickly got distracted and never went back to it. Seemed like a lot of hassle and hoops to jump through for very little earning potential. But hey, if you have nothing but time and willing to grind, does seem like you can make a few bucks that way.
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    Yeah, true. I tried to sign up for one of those sites too. The same thing happened. I've also tried mystery shopping. Or I at least signed up for it. The jobs paid way too little to even justify the gas to make the shop.