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how do rich people evade paying taxes now?

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    The go-to answer is tax havens in the Caribbean. But from what I can remember, they've made it more difficult in the past decade or so. Now the question is, what are these rich people doing now in order to evade paying their taxes? Is it still the same tax haven thing, but just smarter? Or have they figured out ways to avoid they taxman that are way different and sneaky?
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    It depends what your classification of "rich" is. There's a huge difference between the 10% and the 1%; an even bigger difference between the 1% and .1%.

    I personally think people close to the 10% range pay their fair share in taxes and then some. They are comfortable, but not private account on retainer comfortable. They also pay a far greater percentage of their yearly income towards tax obligations than the ultra-wealthy have in decades.

    The ultra-wealthy have a host of options at their disposal in order to evade paying their fair share, with the most common one being that a large chunk of their "income" is actually tied up in capital gains, which is taxed at a far lower rate than income. Additionally, the ultra-wealthy tend to "donate" a ton of money to ... unique non-profits that are tax deductible. Then there's always the offshore havens who are more than happy to hold your money with no questions asked.