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Luxury cars aren't always worth the price

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    It's nice driving a nice car, pretty plain and simple. But as we all know nice cars come with a nice price tag. A mistake that I see many people making with they get a nice luxury or sports car is that they overlook the maintenance price. You should always do research on the maintenance for car you're purchasing. For example, there's a well known SUV that screams luxury. This SUV is phenomenal.. for the first buyer. The costs to maintain it for the first 50k miles or so are high, but what comes after is way higher. It becomes a crazy expensive vehicle to own after it hits the 50k mark. Alot of people don't take this into mind when buying these cars, especially in the used market. Just because it's a luxury car doesn't mean it's built so you won't have to pay luxury prices to maintain it. It's quite the opposite. Sometimes it's best to get a nicer economical vehicle that's made to last instead of the higher price "name brand" car.