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Lesser Known Investment Opportunities I Should Know About

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    So I've been doing quite a bit of research lately on investing money. There's all the obvious topics like property investments, stocks, bonds, etc, but I'm now more curious about the lesser known ways that people are investing nowadays. I know there are many other ways to invest both in the short term and long term, though I can't seem to find any jump off points to look into them and find any serious information.

    Any time I search for investments along with phrases like "lesser known" or "other than" or anything else it brings me to articles that either don't make any sense at all, or sites that are obviously trying to sell their own get rich quick programs. I'm sure those sites probably pull in quite a few people, but I just don't think they're a good idea and I'm not interested.

    So I'm curious if anyone knows other routes of investment that isn't the typical mainstream ways like the ones I mentioned above.

    As of now, I have a decent amount of knowledge on:






    These are all great options, but I'm more interested in the ones that people don't really here about. Anyone have any advice on where to look?

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    One lesser known investment that comes to mind is gold. It's maintained its value throughout the centuries and is a good way to preserve your wealth, especially if you wish to pass it on to other generations of your family. It's been a good hedge against inflation, as well as a way of protecting your money from deflation.

    Check this out:

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    How much do you know about stocks? There are a ton of different ways to invest in the stock market. Can provide a good list of the different ways, if interested. There are certainly more ways to invest than simply buying a stock and sitting on it.

    You kinda hit on all the big investment paths that most go down. When you get into 'lesser known' ones.. they are lesser known for a reason. They are either scams or the risk vs reward ratio makes it far too risky.

    So also begs the question, how much risk are you personally OK with, when it comes to investing? (Risk tolerance) Are you looking for something with low risk and modest returns, or something with very high risk but also high potential returns (that can also go to zero very fast)?