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A little bit of money can get you a nice home theater

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    Recently I got a new TV and some decent speakers for bedroom in my house. Those paired with a decent little chair has made for an excellent littel home theater. I know some people go all out and spend thousand of dollars on this stuff, but I found that you really don't need to, at least not for the average person to enjoy. There's definitely a pride that comes with an all out home theater, but all you really need a decently dark room and a nice TV to make it a great experience.
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    Most definitely. I have a ~$100, 3.1 I bought on Woot a few years ago that I swear blows away a Harman Kardon super expensive setup we had when I was young that musta cost close to a grand! These new setups have wireless subs and some even wireless satellites. Surround sound tech has come a long way and is pretty cheap nowadays for good sound.