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get free stuff on your birthday

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    Ok, so I've never tried this before. Perhaps it was because of being traumatized at a young age with the "happy happy birthday" song, that I didn't want to get free stuff for my birthday. But I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago, and the day of, I thought, "I wonder what free stuff I could get right now." Well, I didn't try it because I'm lazy and I don't like telling strangers it's my birthday, especially to get free stuff. I guess that's where the millennial in me cuts off. Most of it's food, so for the foodies out there, you could land some sweet freebies such as free breakfast at Ihop, or a free coffee at Starbucks. Some ladies can get free makeup at stores. I guess if you really got serious about it, you could save some money for the day. At least in food and stuff. Anyway, have you ever taken advantage of this? If so, what was the best thing you got for free?
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    Didn't Pizza Hut give out free individual pizzas for birthdays or was that for the Book Club thing they did?! Memories mix together as you get older.

    My wife will always tell a server it's my birthday at whatever restaurant we go to and I typically get a free dessert or something. I do the same for her. Other than that, I haven't tried to get much for free on my birthday. I don't consider myself a shy person, but there's just something uncomfortable about telling a stranger that it's my birthday being in my mid-30's and all!