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Credit card balance transfers

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    Seems like a relatively simple and easy way to carry upwards of thousands in debt for multiple years without paying no interest and very little fees is to open a 0% int on the promo credit card, spend what you want or need, then balance transfer the total to another card and pay the 1-3% transfer fee. And just keep doing that until you have the money to pay it off, or honestly until you feel like paying it off. In theory you could do this for years, no?

    Of course you need good credit for this. And I would recommend cancelling the cards once you are done with them but if you understand all the potential impacts to your credit score and do it intelligently it is a relatively straight forward and inexpensive way to have some debt that you don't have to pay off for a long time and can avoid interest on.

    Just a thought after having done this a time or two.

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    Yeah if you can play it right and within the rules then it's a great idea.
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    Yeah I've done this twice, messing up the first time. Just stay on top of a payment plan, especially if it's a promotional 0% interest card.