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lower your phone bill by switching to smaller provider

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    If you do go off the beaten path and away from the big 3, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and don't get unlimited data you can seriously save some money by going with a smaller company. They use the same towers so you get the same service.

    I won't say which one I got because I don't wanna shill for a single small provider, but I was with one of the big 3 and was paying $45/month for a single line, unlimited talk and text and 2GBs of data.

    Then I switched to a smaller one, one you hear about on podcasts ads for example, and now I have the EXACT same service but only pay $21/month. So that saves me $24/month or $288 a year!

    The downside is you can't lease on the cheapest plans so you have to buy the phone outright and they don't offer discounts on new phone purchases when you wanna upgrade in a few years. But if you are saving $300 a year that's fine with me.

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    I did this and I'm really happy about the decision. I was a little nervous at first because I didn't want to have lower quality phone calls or hit or miss data. But its been great so far and im saving quite a bit of money each month because of it.
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    good to know! I think I've been overpaying for a long time. I hear those ads all the time but figured it was too good to be true kinda thing. Going to consider doing this now, thanks.