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Think of that frivolous purchase in hours worked

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    This is one of those tips that can really change the way you look at things you purchase, especially frivolous things. When you see something you like that's a little pricey or you're not sure if you should spend the extra amount of cash on it, think of it in the amount of hours worked. Meaning, take the price of the frivolous purchase and see how many hours it would take to work off that exact amount. If you wouldn't work that many hours to own that particular item, don't buy it. It doesn't work in all cases, of course. But it's just an extra step in the process that can keep you from spending all your cash on things you don't necessarily need.
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    Couldn't agree more. I actually do this ALL THE TIME. It really does put things in perspective. Every time I want to go off budget I ask myself is it worth X amount of hours just for this. Sometimes it is but often not and it really does make you think about your work and personal life and time spent doing everything you do in a healthy, holistic way, at least for me.

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    Now that's one way of looking at it. I'm gonna try doing that more going forward. Thanks for the advice!