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is the gamestop stock runup over?

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    GME went up crazy in Feb, then crashed, then went back up this month a lot, and now its stalling.. anyone think its still going to pump or have the redditors finally lost enough interest?
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    Great question, really no one knows. The crazy price action it has gotten lately is certainly not driven by fundamentals so once enough retail investors do lose interest it doesn't have the legs to stand on its own. I heard its real value is much closer $10-20. It's currently 10-20+ times that, atm trading for $210. Astonished (previously all time high was ~$348)

    Happy for anyone that's made money on it and if you got it in sub $50 or so then you did great. You might see it all fall back down to earth if you don't realize gains soon, but who knows, could go much higher. I wouldn't put anything into it that you can't absolutely easily lose without any worry.

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    I would imagine so. They did what they did and I think it's going to settle down now. Looks like the chatter is starting to calm down and people are pulling out.