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Biden signs $1.9 trillion stimulus bill. $1400 Checks on the way

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    The House has officially voted on and now passed the $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus relief bill. This bill was the Senate's revised version of President Biden's relief package. And just within the past couple hours Biden has officially signed the bill. Even though this took much longer than anyone could have expected, it's great news that it's now done and officially in play.

    First and foremost, the bill will include $1400 dollar stimulus checks that everyone has been expecting. Secondly, the bill also includes some other great changes. In a nutshell, the bill includes:

    $1400 Stimulus checks

    $300 a week jobless benefits

    $3000-$3600 cash for kids

    $34 Billion for ACA subsidies

    $350 Billion in State/Local aid

    100% Cobra Subsidies

    14 Billion for Moderna/Johnson & Johnson/Pfizer/Other shots distribution

    $25 Billion in rental aid

    All said, I believe this is the largest bill of it's kind ever passed. Which is definitely a great thing since it'll help so many people right now.

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    Definitely the largest in US history. Just a bit larger than the first large stimulus package they passed. I am happy to see aid coming to so many, but have to admit I'm nervous about printing more money more or less out of thin air. Inflation is a real thing, and something we should all be more concerned about.

    Luckily this should be the last major stimulus package Congress needs to pass, and we can all collectively work on being more fiscally responsible now that (hopefully) the worst is starting to get behind us.

    To be clear, I am not against these stimulus packages. When you have a black swan event of this magnitude, conventional economic logic understandably has to be put on the back burner. But I just hope we quickly go back to it least we see an economic collapse of the US dollar that hurts us far worse in the long run.