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Monitoring Your Credit is More Important Than Ever

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    The modern age of computers and technology has ushered in a lot of wonderful things, but one thing it has also brought in is the ability for nefarious actors to get their hands on highly sensitive at a scale unlike anything we've ever seen before. Massive data breaches involving millions and even hundreds of millions of Americans are happening more and more, leaving a large number of Americans vulnerable to identity theft. Because of that, monitoring your credit is now more important than ever before.

    You can monitor your credit in a number of ways. The cheapest option are free free services like Credit Karma, Wallet Hub, and Mint, among others. These free options are legit and not "too good to be true," but they do only monitor one of the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion), so it's entirely possible they will not "catch" something for your report that one of the other two agencies does.

    If you want to have your credit monitored across all three major credit bureaus then you will need to sign up for a membership to one of the larger credit monitoring companies like Equifax, Lifelock Ultimate Plus, or Identity Guard, among others.

    My wife and I use Identity Guard and I guess I like them because we haven't had our identity's far as we know! However, if you don't want to pay for credit monitoring then many of the free services will certainly suffice. The most important thing is to try to protect yourself and immediately find out if something nefarious is going on with your credit. You don't want to wait to act before it's too late.

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    I've been using Credit Karma for awhile now and don't have any complaints. It works just fine for me, but I would maybe consider signing up for a paid subscription if I were thinking about making a large purchase in the future.
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    I use Credit Sesame. Basically the same thing as Credit Karma. Works well. It's free. And if I need to know reporting from all 3 bureaus I use That's free. It doesn't give scores but it shows everything on your credit from all 3 bureaus. You can only use it once a year though.