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What Would You Spend a 3rd Stimulus Check On?

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    There's a lot of talk about President-elect Biden's recent proposal to add an additional $1,400 stimulus check to the $600 that was recently passed. While I'm somewhat skeptical that this will eventually get passed in the immediate future, I have started to think about what I'd do with the money if it did go through.

    My wife and I are quite lucky to be gainfully employed and the only debt we have is the mortgage and car note. We also have no kids and recently renovated our house, so we don't have any new "toys" on our wish list.

    So what we've decided to do if there is an additional stimulus check is to use half of it towards our car (we are on the final year of a five-year loan and would love to pay it off early) and donate the other half to the food bank here in Chicago. I'm certainly not looking for any accolades, but I do think it's important that people who don't necessarily need any additional help to pay it forward to someone who does.

    What are you planning on doing with a 3rd stimulus check if we get one? Pay off some bills? Buy a new "toy"? Invest it? Or donate some or all of it?

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    Charity is a good move if you aren't in financial need. I will consider that, now that you bring it up. My plan for the most part is just to invest the money into savings. I think of this as a way to stimulate the economy - I'll eventually be using it on goods and services when something breaks, I want to upgrade whatever, or I need to pay healthcare bills down the road.
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    I agree that charity would be a good move. I also think that investing it would probably be the smartest move to make. Do a bit of research and find something nice and steady that'll pay off in the long run.