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Most Successful Shark Tank Ideas

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    I just finished an episode of Shark Tank and it got me thinking. What are the odds of success for those that make it on to the show? Seems to me like no matter whether the sharks make a deal or not the product gets a huge boost simply from being on the show at all. And those that end up getting deals with the sharks seem to always go on to be profitable. This just has me curious what the overall success rate actually is, and that made me curious as to what the most successful ideas are in general. Here are a few that stand out as being the most successful so far.

    1. Scrub Daddy. This is probably the biggest one. This little smiley faced sponge has earned them more than $100 million in sales so far.

    2. Boombas. These socks don't stand out as being any special, but numbers don't lie. The company made around $50 million in 2017 alone.

    3. Squatty potty. There seems to always be money to be made in childrens equipment. Just like the others above, this one went on to have an expected $30 million in sales.

    4. ReadeRest. This is one of those products that make you think, "I could have invented that in 5 seconds", and you'd be right. It's basically a fancy paperclip attached to your shirt to hold your glasses. They made over $8 million their debut year after being on Shark Tank.

    Obviously not all the ideas that get on the show are winners. For instance, the Rocketeer dog harness didn't exactly stand out to me as a multi-million dollar investment. I have to say though, it's super cute and probably worth it just to see your pups face while in it.

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    Arguably the biggest success from the show was a product everyone passed on. Look familiar?

    Was from season 5, episode 9.

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    They didn't win a deal because the owner was pretty stubborn. Copa Di Vino's episode was pretty memorable. The Sharks didn't like the wine but thought he would make more off of his patented cup and lid design. Still, his stubbornness might have paid off. They're number one in the single serve wine industry now.