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The Status for 2nd Stimulus Checks

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    First we were all but guaranteed another round of $1200 stimulus checks. It was reportedly confirmed and everything. And then it wasn't. And then it REALLY wasn't. And now we (Congress) are in stalemate over the issue.

    That about sums up the last 6 months or so of talks over passing another stimulus package, that could or could not include a 2nd round of direct payments to most Americans.

    Since the election, new discussions within Congress seem to point to them wanting to pass a bipartisan stimulus package that's considerably scaled down from the first, that would not include direct payments.

    Great. I don't get it. You're cool with printing money out of thin air to safeguard and boost the economy, but you want to stop at the idea of giving it directly to people again, because you don't think they will spend it well enough? I think they should include another round of direct payments and attach some kind of incentive to it (maybe a tax break or something) so that people are encouraged to stimulate the economy with the money, as opposed to saving or investing it.

    Let's keep this thread going on the latest with stimulus payments. Something will happen with all this, eventually.

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    This is probably the best example I could imagine of how messed up our political system is. It's really sad that something like this wouldn't be universally agreed upon.
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    White House pushes Senate GOP to include $600 stimulus payments in relief package

    Saga continues. Trump and Dems want more stimulus checks and they are fighting with GOP to make it happen. Still all unclear but hopefully they pass something soon.

    Reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend where he was trying to make the argument that Congress should pass smaller bills quickly and not hold up progress by one side trying to pack too much stuff into any particular relief package. My counter was that it's already incredibly difficult to pass even one bill, and that they should make hay while the sun is shining, as the likelihood of a 2nd, 3rd, 4th stimulus package is less and less likely, on an exponential curve - basically Congress can sit back on their loreals and say 'hey we already passed one stimulus, is it really wise to do another?

    .. a one-time $600 payment is certainly a shadow of what has been discussed and proposed to this point. But at least it's something.

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    Second stimulus check update: Congress may vote on $1,200 payment. Here’s the latest.

    Maybe we will know by the 18th. Could be $1200 after all. Or $600. Or ya know, nothing. Roller coaster continues.

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    $600 stimulus checks are officially on the way. Here’s who will get them first

    Checks are already starting to be deposited and mailed out. Will be able to check the status of your stimulus payment on the IRS website next week as well. I know Congress is still in talks to up the amount to $2k, but for now my understanding is they plan to have everyone paid by January 15th. So expect $600 soon.

    If you direct deposited successfully last time, they will use the same method. If you are like me and changed your bank acct between then and now, you'll have to wait for a paper check in the mail. But seems promising that it won't take too long. A few weeks max. Maybe that's being optimistic but that's what it seems like at this point.