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Getting Your Stimulus Check Guide

Help & advice on receiving stimulus checks including using the stimulus check portal, basic & special requirements for receiving a check & common disqualifications.

Common Stimulus Check Issues

If you are having trouble with or concerned about receiving stimulus checks #1, #2 or #3 this guide lists the most common problems and offers advice on how to solve them.
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  • 5 Ways to Use Your Stimulus Check Wisely
    Once you get your stimulus check from the government, you are free and clear to spend that money however you wish. If you don't need to immediately use that money on basic survival, like rent, food or utility bills to keep the lights on, here are five ideas on how to use your stimulus check that make good sense.

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    Have you ever found yourself asking how you will be able to pay your rent, afford groceries, or get healthcare with the monthly budget you currently have? Has the stress of having to choose between paying your electricity bill or filling up your gas tank so you can get to work become a common occurrence? Are you living in an expensive city and struggling to find affordable housing?

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