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Getting help with your heating and AC bill

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    One thing that really frustrates me about our federalist system is that we have a ton of great programs funded by the federal government meant to help individuals and families who are struggling to get by, but since they are administered by the states and territories people often know nothing about the fact that they may be eligible for financial assistance for any number of necessities in life.

    One program that many people may not be aware of is the "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program" (LIHEAP). This program helps low-income people and families with heating and air conditioning costs, among of number of other things, and can help keep the electricity on for people who have fallen on tough times.

    Why we don't advertise programs like these more baffles me, but if you're someone who is struggling right now and could use some help paying your electric and gas bill then it can't hurt to see if you qualify. Who knows? Maybe you will and can start receiving some much needed help that you never knew existed.

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    I've never heard of this. Maybe because it's terrible branding. Either way, good share. I wonder if this program can help even more for those that got ridiculous electric bills during the big winter storm?